Friday Faves

Sanctuary Project

Read about Sanctuary Project, a non-profit dedicated to loving and providing dignifying work for survivors of trafficking, addiction and abuse: helping them find healing in community with women whose stories mirror their own.

A Trio to Beat the Mom Brain Fog

A trio of essential oils I’ve found help clear the fog, calm anxiety, and help me stay focused and upbeat when facing the never ending to-dos. 

Renpure: Plant Based Hair Care

5 years ago we went on a mission to eliminate parabens from our home and stumbled upon this brand of haircare. I had no idea how lux my hair was going to feel…

Water Beads for Sensory Play

Water Beads are excellent for sensory play and a favorite for beating boredom in our house. Sensory play is exactly what it sounds like- play that engages the senses- and has numerous developmental and calming benefits…

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Journal + Facial Scrub Recipe

This morning I threw together a delicious smelling Facial Sugar Scrub. You could make a bigger batch of this, but I literally put everything in the palm of my hand, mixed it there and then rubbed it on my face, so you can do this in seconds and enjoy a little luxury right in your bathroom. Here’s what you need…

Say “Hello” to Color that Lasts and Lasts

I remember reading several years ago that Queen Elizabeth wears Essie polish in “Ballet Slippers” and I never turned back. I love their matte shades and purchased this strengthening formula recently to help my brittle nails recover from the winter months. 

Girlfriend Collective Leggings

Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend…well, at least your new favorite leggings. Meet Girlfriend Collective, y’all.

Why I Shop Second-Hand First

Read on for tips about how and where to shop second-hand for your family without sacrificing quality, style and brands you love…

Style Reform: Leggings And Beyond

Meet Christy Teloh, the mom-of-two who decided to make the leggings of her dreams- and we are just as big fans of them as she is…

Bonding Over Great Books

My kids are now 11, 10, 8 and 8 and it is crazy noisy around here, but we did manage to foster a love for great literature by building family traditions and routines around reading excellent books as a family…

A New Subscription Service Gets Personal

These days, you can get subscriptions sent to your home for everything from steaks to flowers. And naturally, we’re all about them—because what mom doesn’t have a soft spot for something that helps eliminate one more errand on a never-ending list?

Paper Greats: Pretty Paper Goods That Will Give You Back Time

As moms, disposable paper goods (particularly in the hazy first post-partum weeks or when hosting family for the holidays) can be a lifesaver. But, we also don’t want to feel like we’re trashing the earth that our kids will inherit or “giving up” and not making meal time special. That’s where Paper Greats is, well, great.

Winter Favorites from Fjall Raven

When giving clothing or accessories, we’re always looking for pieces that are made well and will last for years. From a go-anywhere backpack to a warm coat that will never go out of style…

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